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Flash Tattoos Are Here (and in Color)

Check out our colorful (you didn't think they just came in metals did you?) new selection of flash tattoos, only $4.65. At this rate, Summer never has to end! 

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Style Q&A: Black Tie Rules

Q: When an invitation says "black tie," must you wear a long dress? What are the rules?A: You of course can never go wrong wearing a long dress, they elongate your frame and will never be considered too "dress down." You can however, go wrong not wearing one. Here at FROCK we believe you only [...]

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​The Face of Summer: Poolside Edition

That Summer face. It’s dewy, it’s bronzed, and it’s back. Let’s take a look at what it takes to achieve the quintessential look without the skill-set of a YouTube beauty guru. Carry on to peruse a curated list of products aimed at making a splash (and staying put) this summer.To start things out, opt for a BB Cream [...]

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​Summer Day Dream Essentials

Count yourself lucky if you’re able to go off the grid this summer. While there's no shortage of sun here in Los Angeles, we still can't help daydreaming about jetting around on a moped in Greece, or lounging in St. Barths by June. Nothing says #summervacay quite like sipping a Mai Tai on a white sand beach. Before I [...]

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"Fringe is In" Trend Report: Spring 2015

Fringe was far and away one of the bigger hits from the runways this past month. Proenza Schouler emphasized the look with metallic flapper-style dresses while Emilio Pucci took it in a boho direction with streamer adorned late leg pants and jackets. At the Grammy's this year, Nicki Minaj decked out in a Tom Ford black fringe [...]

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Gorgeous Wedding Dresses Under $350

Getting hitched is more expensive than ever, but thankfully — it is possible to save money on your wedding dress and still get a dream worthy gown.Take a look at our breakdown by “Bride Style”. Not only is every option under $350, but you’ll get not just a once in a lifetime dress but a sustainable option you can re-wear [...]

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